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Indo International Achiever Award - 2022

'The ingredients for a tremendous achievement are none but an amalgamation of talent, passion, and every day of hard work. The one who carefully creates a blend enjoys the ripe fruits of success.' To achieve something is to go through numerous days of failures, crossing every hurdle and still choosing to run and fulfill your accomplishments. Success is never something easy to talk about but always an experience that motivates and inspires its listeners.

It is time that we identify and acknowledge these achievers, the ones who decided to set aside their comfort to make a difference in their respective industries. There are many individuals who are striving in their domains. However, such accomplishments may not be known publicly yet which doesn't mean there are no achievements. It is where the Indo-International Achiever Award 2022 has been playing a vital role in bringing such performers under one roof and recognizing them for their extraordinary work.

By the stage of the Indo-International Achievers Award, we strive to create an opportunity to reckon and honor the achievement of individuals from various walks of life. We want to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments and generate a platform for like-minded people to interact and stimulate the achiever within themselves.

Indo-International Achiever Award is an event backed up by the brains of Rinku Singh Gurjar, who has been mastering the field of Event Organizing for more than five years. Along with being the founder of two renowned companies, RSG Events, and Trinetra Film Production, he also beholds a valuable position as a Managing Director in Shakti Film Production. He has organized an exceedingly great number of successful programs, including large-scaled celebrity events.

Mr. Rinku Singh Gurjar himself is an achiever and has experienced multiple rounds of success during his extensive work journey. He has been the organizer of Jaipur Ratna Samman, one of the most popular award ceremonies across Rajasthan. Apart from this, he is also behind conducting commendable social awards and fashion shows like Youth Icon Award, Rajasthan Women Achievement Award, Youth Icon India, India Fashion Couture, etc. Being an established entrepreneur, Mr. Gurjar intends to provide a platform to the emerging talent from our country and across the globe who have unlocked significant achievements. He has been determined to highlight and celebrate the hard work of individuals who are headed towards adding feathers to their hats. Moreover, Mr. Gurjar also holds a firm belief that a story of a successful person can inspire many upcoming achievers.